Who We Are & What We Do...

An essential component of our community!

The fundamental purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to deliver residents and visitors with high-quality recreation facilities and diverse programming that promotes excitement, individual expression, exploration, pleasure, challenge, and accomplishment that can lead to an improved quality of life. 

The Parks and Recreation Department is departmentalized into the following community services: 

  1. Recreation Programming
    • We provide innovative, expanded and affordable recreation programming for the community that encourages opportunities for lifelong play, creativity, learning and discovery. The department will strive to ‘connect’ with each and every community member through our core program areas: (1) Youth/Teen camps and programs, (2) Adult activities, (3) Community Recreation Center (CRC) programs, (4) Facility operations/maintenance, and (5) Community events.
  2. Facility Operations & Programming 
    • We provide multi-purpose, year-round, indoor, and outdoor recreation facilities and programming, accessible to all residents and visitors.
  3. Administration
    • We deliver exceptional customer service by utilizing technology and implementing best and NEXT practices to maximize staff efficiency, reporting, accounting, and operational processes. 
  4. Parks Maintenance & Public Works Support Functions
    • We enhance existing Town-owned or managed parkland by maintaining fields, trails, and facilities to accommodate community needs, and provide support for specific functions of the Public Works Department.
  5. Parks and Recreation Management, Planning and Promotion
    • We provide administrative support and oversight of park and recreation projects to deliver results and ensure accountability; develop and implement recreation plans; promote recreation activities; develop maintenance workplans for existing parks and facilities and collaborate with user groups, stakeholders, jurisdictional partners, and Mammoth Lakes Recreation (MLR)/Office of Outdoor Recreation to ensure a seamless recreation experience for all users.