Recreation Programming Committee


This group of prominent and influential recreation community stakeholders will assist the Recreation Commission and Town staff complete the following tasks:

  1. Preparation of the facility programming workshops
  2. Assist in the implementation and facilitation of the programming workshops
  3. Assist in the collation of community input and prepare recommendations for the Recreation Commission’s consideration for the proposed Community Multi-use Facilities at Mammoth Creek Park West
  4. Champion the project in the community

The Committee is scheduled to meet 4-6 times between February and May for approximately 90 minutes each in Suite Z. Meeting days and times are posted below.

Committee Members

Recreation Commission Chair Betsy Truax

Recreation Commissioner Sean Turner

Patrick Bernard

Jeff Posey

Peter Korfiatis

Kendra Knight

John Armstrong

Ana Danielson

Sandra Pearce

Laurel Martin

Eric Clark

Sandra DiDomizio

Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Meeting Agenda - February 12, 2016 / Meeting Handout

Meeting Agenda - March 4, 2016 & Handouts

Meeting Agenda - April 1, 2016 & Handouts / Summary of Community Input / Summary of Survey Responses