Parks and Recreation Department Strategic Priorities and Key Objectives

The 2023 Parks & Recreation Department (PRD) Strategic Workplan was developed to strategically guide the Parks and Recreation Department in fulfilling the shared community vision and stated mission of the Parks and Recreation Department. 

The purpose of strategic planning is to provide clear direction by establishing high-level goals and measurable objectives for the department to achieve in a calendar year. A strategic plan provides a distinct and unifying direction for staff in guiding day-to-day decisions with a goal of maximizing resources (time, money, staff) while minimizing or eliminating ambiguity and distractions. Strategic planning is also a valuable tool for evaluating progress and a critical step in the department’s capacity and ability to meet the expanding recreation needs of the community.

The 2023 Strategic Priorities and Key Objectives provides a blueprint for success by clearly identifying the strategy, goals, supporting tactics and in many cases, measurements for success. 

Strategic Initiatives (pillars)  

The four strategic pillars introduced in 2020 remain and are as important as ever in guiding our decision-making, strategic thinking, and aspirational and operational practice. 

  1. Excellence: We are committed to continually improve the delivery of our community programs and facilities by holding each other accountable to the high standards of excellence our departmental culture expects and demands.
  2. Teamwork: We value our employees and the power of a team culture aligned with a single vision and unifying purpose by communicating, connecting, collaborating, committing and celebrating with each other to achieve extraordinary results.
  3. Sustainability: We help to protect and preserve our natural, developed and finite resources by implementing sustainable best practices in our programs, parks, pools, fields and facilities.
  4. Health, Safety and Social Equity: We build stronger, healthier and happier communities by promoting health, wellness and physical activity and work to ensure our parks, programs, and facilities are safe and inclusive for all people.

The four core Strategic Priorities for 2023 are as follows:

  1. Maintain and Enhance the Town’s Recreation Infrastructure
  2. Deliver High-Quality, Innovative, and Affordable Recreation Programming
  3. Strengthen Organizational Systems, Structures and Operations 
  4. Build Team Capacity, Teamwork and Recruit and Retain the Best

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