District Planning Integration

District Planning Status
With completion of district planning for most areas, an effort is being made to bring together and integrate the various ideas and concepts developed through those individual planning efforts. 

Completed NDPs
Since 2007, district planning has been completed for the following areas:

Gateway NDP
District Planning for the Gateway area has not yet been completed; the NDP will be initiated in the next fiscal year, to allow partner agencies with property in the district to advance their planning efforts.

Townwide District Planning Integration
Concept Summary
Staff developed a draft report titled "Neighborhood District Planning: Concepts & Strategies" which provides a summary and integration of the accepted and consensus NDP concepts developed to date.  The Concept Summary was presented to the Mobility, Public Art and Recreation Commissions in May 2011, before being brought to the Planning Commission on May 25th.  The Planning Commission recommended acceptance of the summary with minor changes; and the Town Council accepted the Concept Summary on August 3, 2011.  Please see the Agendas and Minutes section of the website for the staff reports for those meetings. 

Neighborhood District Planning: Concepts and Strategies (Accepted 8-3-11)