Planning Division

Services and Responsibilities

The Planning Division provides a variety of services that assist the Town in fulfilling the objectives of the General Plan, provide efficient permit processing services, and enable effective citizen participation in land use decisions.

The Planning Division’s principal activities are:

  • Development and maintenance of the General Plan and Zoning Code
  • Development of area plans based on the General Plan, to provide more specific guidance for the development of the various town districts
  • Review of public and private land-use development proposals and permit applications for consistency and conformity with the General Plan, Zoning Code, and other approved plans, policies, and regulations
  • Formulate planning policies and standards to ensure a quality living and working environment within town neighborhoods and districts
  • Administration of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as it relates to the town’s role as lead agency for the environmental review of planning and development projects
  • Serve as a public information center:
    • Town policies, codes & standards to project proposals
  • Anticipating and acting on the need for:
    • New plans, policies, and Zoning Code changes