2014-2019 Housing Element

As required by State law, the Town and Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc. completed the 2014-2019 Housing Element (HE). The HE demonstrates how the Town can provide its "fair share" of the State's expected housing needs and meet the housing needs of special populations (e.g., seniors, disabled, seasonal workers, large families, etc.).

In May 2015, the Housing Element was modified to reflect the Housing Ordinance Update. For information on the Housing Ordinance Update, click here.

2014-2019 Housing Element (revised May 20, 2015)

Resolution 2015-13 (Housing Element modifications to reflect the Housing Ordinance Update)

2014-2019 Housing Element (superseded by revised May 20, 2015 version, above)

Housing and Community Development Letter - Certifying 2014-2019 Housing Element, July 1, 2014

CEQA (Environmental Review)

Addendum to the Housing Element Negative Declaration for the Housing Ordinance Update, April 17, 2015

Initial Study/Negative Declaration Response to Comments

Initial Study/Negative Declaration - Public Review Draft