Report a Crime or Tip

In an effort to combat crime, the Mammoth Lakes Police Department has a tip line - (760) 965-3717. Most incidents are witnessed by somebody. Often, citizens do not realize that they are witnesses until after they have left the scene or until they hear that a certain crime has been reported to police.

Benefits of the Tip Line

Some people want to help the police but are hesitant to get involved. The Mammoth Lakes Police Department is hoping that these citizens will take advantage of this tip line. If you have information regarding a crime and would like to report the information anonymously to the police, you can leave a voice mail message and it will be forwarded to our detectives.

Please Note: Callers do not reach an actual person and are not to use this phone number to call for crimes in progress that require an immediate response. If you are witnessing a crime in progress, call 911.