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Posted on: December 6, 2020


Mono County (as part of the Southern California Region) will be formally placed under the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Regional Stay-At-Home Order (Order), today December 6 at 11:59 p.m. 

The Order, which will be in effect for a minimum of three weeks, prohibits the use (renting or leasing) of short-term lodging for recreational or leisure purposes and limits lodging to essential purposes (support of critical infrastructure sectors including pandemic response). 

This is essentially the same restrictions that were in place for a couple months early in the pandemic. It applies to ALL short-term lodging operators, from hotel and motel to short-term rental of private residences. 

This Order supersedes the Town of Mammoth Lakes’ Lodging Order issued on November 17, 2020 (Interim Guidelines for Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic still apply) and provides clarity regarding lodging facilities operating within the Town of Mammoth Lakes and unincorporated Mono County upon the County becoming subject to the statewide Regional Stay-At-Home Order issued December 3, 2020 and effective at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 6, 2020. 

All existing reservations from Monday, December 7, 2020 are required to be cancelled and no reservations are allowed to be taken except those permitted as identified in paragraph 1 below, until the Southern Region is no longer subject to the Regional Order, or Mono County is otherwise released from the coverage of that Order.

“This local Order is consistent with intent of the State order, which was less clear. There was an obvious need to minimize uncertainty and clearly define operating conditions during the coming weeks,” stated Dr. Tom Boo, Public Health Officer. “Infections in Mono County are rising extremely fast and this action is in the best interests of the health of our community. It will reduce strain on the hospital and prevent deaths and disability. The expected adverse economic consequences of the pandemic and our response are profound and sorrowful, but unavoidable in this situation.” 

This Order shall be effective upon the Southern Region becoming subject to the Regional Order (December 6 at 11:59 p.m.) and shall remain in effect until the Southern Region is no longer subject to the Regional Order, or Mono County is otherwise released from the coverage of that Order.

1.    Under the Regional Stay-At-Home Order, short-term lodging facilities (including, but not limited to, short-term rentals, vacation rentals such as Airbnb’s or VRBO’s, timeshares, private residence clubs, hotels, condos, campgrounds, RV Parks, and motels) within Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes may remain open for the following purposes: 

a.    To serve as short-term lodging facilities for the following COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures:

  •  Lodging to protect the homeless population and stranded travelers;
  • Lodging for persons who have been displaced and cannot return to their residence because there is a person residing at the residence who must isolate or quarantine or is at a higher risk of severe illness; and/or
  • Lodging for persons who need to isolate or quarantine.

b.    Lodging Facilities which are used to house workers performing functions that are essential to maintain the continuity of operations for critical infrastructure, as listed in the Essential Workers List, which may be reviewed at but only to the extent and for the period of time necessary for such workers to perform such functions.

c.    Lodging for persons who are displaced due loss of homes from fire.

2.    Under the Regional Order, except as otherwise required by law, no homeowner, agent of the homeowner, marketing agent, listing agent, real estate agent or other person or entity shall engage in efforts to rent or lease any Lodging Facility within the County of Mono and the Town of Mammoth Lakes for any purpose other than those identified in Paragraph 1 above. Specifically, there shall be no renting or leasing of a Lodging Facility for leisure or vacation travel, or for purposes other than those listed in paragraph 1.  

3.    In the event of a question or uncertainty as to whether a particular short-term lodging use falls within the above exemptions (i.e., whether it constitutes a mitigation or containment measure, or involves an essential worker, or whether the essential worker’s essential functions require staying in lodging facilities within the County), a written determination or directive from the Unified Command Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Mono County Health Officer, Town of Mammoth Lakes Finance Department, or other personnel designated by the Mono County Emergency Operations Center to make such determinations, that the use is authorized, shall be adequate to authorize such use.

4.    The owner of a unit (home, condo, or other property unit) may stay in the unit. Units may need maintenance or repairs, provide upkeep and prepare for transition between seasons, or and to check for other public health and safety risks.  This applies only to the owner and members of the owner’s immediate household or living unit. If jointly owned, not more than on household/living unit may be present at a time.

The Public Health Officer Order clarifying the “Regional Stay Home” Order as related to lodging facilities is available for review online.

Details on the CDPH’s Regional Stay-At-Home Order can be accessed here.. 

All Mono County residents and visitors are asked to do their part to #StaySafeToStayOpen. This is more than a hashtag – it needs to become a way of life.  

Additional information regarding the Blueprint for a Safer Economy is available online or by visiting the Mono County COVID-19 Portal in English or Spanish.

Cover. Distance. Wash and #StaySafeToStayOpen!

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