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Posted on: September 10, 2020



September 13 - 4:00PM

The Quick Facts:

Frank Frievalt, Fire Chief, Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District

  • Presently, the Creek Fire continues to be the closest large fire to Mammoth Lakes. The smoke earlier this morning was more from the Castle Fire on the Sequoia to our south, however, current conditions are largely due to the Creek Fire. 
  • There is no current or projected evacuation order for the Town of Mammoth Lakes at this time.
  • The fires “edge” is roughly 16 miles from Town.
  • Two smaller fires in the region have been contained.
  • As discussed in the previous press release, there are several decision points for the incident that involve actions in our area. The first was reached the evening of September 11. The action includes some initial structure protection mitigation for the Reds Meadow and Devils Post Pile area that began on September 12 and will take several days to complete. The Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District continues to work closely with the public and private facilities in that area.
  • The Creek Fire Incident Management Team will be releasing other decision points when appropriate and will inform the Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District. 
  • We have tentatively planned a Community Conversation for the Creek Fire (similar to the COVID19 Community Conversations) on Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom – stay tuned for details on the Town website. 
  • Please continue to keep aware of the current and forecasted weather, as well as using the primary information sources available for this incident through the links provided. This is the best way for you to access timely and accurate information. The Town of Mammoth Lakes Public Information Officer is directly involved in the incident public information meetings. The Creek Fire Incident has provided two public information officers here in Mammoth Lakes to assist with information outreach.
  • While we will attempt to provide an elevated level of information on social media while the Creek Fire is impacting us, please use the authoritative sources below for the most accurate and up to date information.

September 10 - 7:30PM

Pancho Smith, Inyo National Forest Acting Forest Supervisor

The Inyo National Forest is working closely with the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District, Mammoth Lakes Police Department and Mono County Sheriff’s office, and the Creek Fire Incident Management Team (IMT).  The team is fully aware that Reds Meadow/ Lakes Basin/ Town of Mammoth Lakes is to the east of the fire. As you know this fire has demonstrated significant growth and we take its potential very seriously. The Inyo National Forest is developing a plan with the IMT if wildfire suppression response is needed.  The proactive planning that has already taken place is the establishment of Management Action Points (MAPs) or trigger points between the fire and our community.  These points will determine our actions such as notification, need for prepping areas, establishment of contingency fire lines and other actions.  These actions will take place long before the fire gets to us. These MAPS are set to give the firefighters plenty of time to begin the efforts they need to slow the fire spread in addition to ensuring the safety of our first responders and firefighters.  We are committed to the safety of our communities and neighbors.

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