"Plan The Parcel" Conceptual Land Use Planning

The Conceptual Land Use Planning process for The Parcel took place from April to December 2019 and was divided into several stages:

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Conceptual Land Use Planning Documents

Town of Mammoth Lakes Engages Their Community to “Plan the Parcel”

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique resort getaway town tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the only incorporated community in rural Mono County. It is home to many visitors throughout the year seeking a snowy adventure in the winter or hiking, mountain biking and fly-fishing in the summer. Residents of Mammoth Lakes welcome the visitors and part-time residents, but the constant flow of vacationers causes a unique challenge for the town. Because of the influx of visitors, the town suffers from a larger impact on emissions than the year-round population. Also plaguing the town, along with most California communities, is the need for housing, especially affordable housing. As with other resort areas, the price of existing housing stock and the presence of numerous second-home owners, leaves little housing available to lower-income full time residents and part-time residents have seasonal or temporary jobs alike.  Click here to read more from the Institute for Local Government.

Consultant Team Organization Chart

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April 3, 2019 - Contract with Conceptual Land Use Planning Consultant

Town Council approved a contract with Lisa Wise Consulting to provide conceptual land-use planning and public outreach services for The Parcel. The consultant team is being led by Project Manager Jennifer Daugherty of LWC as well as a team of sub-consultants including Opticos (urban planning), Crabtree Engineering (civil engineering), and Novin Development Corp (affordable housing).