What is The Parcel?

The Parcel (formerly known as the Shady Rest Tract) is a 25-acre undeveloped site in Mammoth Lakes, CA at the west end of Tavern Road south of Center Street between Manzanita Road and Laurel Mountain Road. The Parcel has long been zoned to fulfill a significant portion of the existing affordable housing need in Mammoth Lakes, as well as provide other community benefits described on page 25 of the 2007 General Plan. In accordance with the recommendations of the 2017 Community Housing Action Plan, the Town of Mammoth Lakes purchased The Parcel in 2018 and has initiated a conceptual land use planning process for the site known as “Plan The Parcel”. One of the primary goals of the "Plan The Parcel" process, which is anticipated to last through the end of 2019, is to gather feedback from the community to incorporate into the future design and development of the site. By providing your feedback at Upcoming Events or through various opportunities on our Engage Mammoth Lakes online feedback website, you can help ensure development of The Parcel will not only provide much needed affordable housing but will also create a unique and vibrant place that Mammoth Lakes residents and visitors alike can enjoy.