Softball Leagues & Tournaments

Men's Adult Softball League

2019 Men’s Softball Schedule - website graphic


DateTeam ScoreScoreTeam
6/17/19Rolling Thunder313Los Paisas


The Originals1110Goodlife

Goodlife175Los Paisas
6/19/19Rolling Thunder3416MaxBP

The Originals2624XRC

XRC3710Los Paisas

MaxBP246Los Paisas

Rolling Thunder2719The Originals
6/26/19MaxBP2721The Originals

Goodlife1918Rolling Thunder
7/1/19XRC1918Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder221Los Paisas

The Originals2115Los Paisas

7/8/19Goodlife2415Los Paisas

Rolling Thunder2517MaxBP

XRC3011The Originals

MaxBP357Los Paisas
7/10/19Goodlife189The Originals

7/15/19XRC257Los Paisas

MaxBP70The Originals

The Originals365Los Paisas

Rolling Thunder248Goodlife
7/17/19XRC249Good Life

Rolling Thunder306The Originals
7/22/19Rolling Thunder2915Los Paisas

The Originals179Goodlife


Los Paisas2310Goodlife
7/24/19XRC2210Rolling Thunder


XRC228Los Paisas

MaxBP257Los Paisas

Rolling Thunder2120The Originals
7/31/19Rolling Thunder2920MaxBP

XRC1713The Originals
8/5/19XRC2110Rolling Thunder


The Originals275Los Paisas
8/12/19The Originals 2420MaxBP

Rolling Thunder274Goodlife


Rolling Thunder11-4
The Originals7-8
Los Paisas1-13

*in case of a tie standings will be determined by head-to-head then total points allowed. 


Co-ed Adult Softball League

2019 updated coed softball  



6/18/19Clocktower173Bargain Ballers

Free Agents1110Black Tie

Hit It N Quit It1815Ballz Deep
6/20/19Free Agents160Ballz Deep

Dirt Bags157Bargain Ballers

Hit It N Quit It1914Clocktower
6/25/19Dirt Bags1817Hit It N Quit It

Black Tie169Ballz Deep

Free Agents215Clocktower
6/27/19Hit It N Quit It2110Bargain Ballers

Free Agents195Dirt Bags

Black Tie2320Clocktower
7/2/19Clocktower1512Ballz Deep

Black Tie2117Dirt Bags

Free Agents70Bargain Ballers
7/9/19Free Agents1810Hit It N Quit It

Dirt Bags197Ballz Deep

Black Tie70Bargain Ballers
7/11/19Dirt Bags1711Clocktower

Ballz Deep181Bargain Ballers

HIt It N Quit It2020Black Tie
7/16/19Free Agents189Black Tie

Hit It N Quit It188Ballz Deep

Clocktower 70Bargain Ballers
7/18/19Black Tie108Dirt Bags

Clocktower1411Hit It N Quit It

Free Agents118Ballz Deep
7/23/19Black Tie1511Ballz Deep

Free Agents1912Clocktower

Dirt Bags55Hit It N Quit It
7/30/19Clocktower1913Ballz Deep

Black Tie1211Dirt Bags

Free Agents201Hit It N Quit It
8/6/19Clocktower1615Dirt Bags

Free Agents181Ballz Deep

Black Tie139Hit It N Quit It
8/8/19Free Agents115Hit It N Quit It

Dirt Bags108Ballz Deep

Clocktower1712Black Tie
8/13/19Hit It N Quit It156Ballz Deep

Free Agents15 4Dirt Bags

Black Tie1815Clocktower



TeamWins - Losses - Ties
Free Agents13-0
Black Tie8-3-1
Dirt Bags5-6-1
Hit It N Quit It5-6-2
Ballz Deep1-12
Bargain Ballers0-7

*in case of a tie standings will be determined by head-to-head then total points allowed. 


Summer Softball Tournaments


Two slow-pitch softball tournaments are scheduled every summer. A round-robin format will be used, with first and second place individual awards; first, second-place team trophies; and two MVP awards.


This is a bats provided tournament! Registeration for the 2019 tournaments is now open. Please call 760-965-3699 for more information. The $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. Full payment due at the start of the tournament, cash.


Similar to last year everyone is invited to join in on the annual home run contest before the Men’s Tourneys.

Tournament Play: Men’s “D”: July 13-14, 2019 / Coed “D”: July 20-21, 2019


Where: Shady Rest Softball Fields


Cost: $375/team


Roster: 16 maximum