Plan Your Parks

On August 6, 2014 the community driven and professionally facilitated PLAN Your PARKS process recommendations were presented to Town Council.

After a succinct presentation of the conceptual park plans, proposed location of a Recreation Center & Aquatic Facility and short-term projects by staff, Town Council acknowledged and recognized the public for their participation in the interactive and engaging parks planning process. Following deliberation, Town Council unanimously accepted the preferred conceptual community designs of each of the four parks sites, but did not take any further action at this time.

The Staff Report identifying the preferred conceptual park designs of the four park sites and short-term park projects can be viewed online.

Thank you again for being part of your town’s recreation future by attending the PLAN Your PARKS workshops and for making our life better now and in the future!

For more information about “Plan Your Parks” please contact Recreation Manager, Stuart Brown at (760) 934-8989 ext. 210.

Review the Existing Town of Mammoth Lakes Parks and Recreation Facilities and a Facilities Map showing the Parks locations.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Adopted by Town Council on February 1, 2012 the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) is the first step forward toward creating a system of parks and recreation facilities to serve the recreation needs of Mammoth Lakes’ residents and visitors.

Specified in the Parks Master Plan, the parks and recreation vision is to "Provide multi-purpose, year-round, indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities accessible to all residents and visitors." Our parks and recreation system will promote personal health and well-being, foster community interaction, promote connectivity within and beyond the Town, nature collaborative partnerships, and encourage appreciation of the Town’s spectacular natural environment.

As a first step, this Plan articulates a vision for parks and recreation, describes anticipated recreation needs, proposes general standards, and outlines a broad strategy to realize the vision.

The next step involves careful implementation of the Plan or what we’re calling “Plan Your Parks.” This community based planning effort will create a specific master plan for each of the Town’s parks and other potential park areas. The plan will assess alternatives for new facilities and parkland expansion, including analysis of program feasibility, community recreation needs and consideration of each facility’s role in a comprehensive and linked parks and recreation system, including the development of conceptual plans for these areas of focus.

The Plan is conceptual in nature and not intended to address detailed issues related to engineered site design or park operations.

Plan Your Park includes the Whitmore Recreation Area, Mammoth Creek Park East and West, the Community Center, Park and Tennis Courts and the Bell Shaped Parcel.

Get involved and help us make life better now and in the future!

"Plan Your Parks" Workshop Schedule

The Town of Mammoth Lakes has scheduled two community workshops on March 20 and April 17 to gather community input on programming priorities for parks and recreation facilities, to examine alternatives for new facilities, and explore opportunities for maximizing existing facilities. This effort will focus on Mammoth Creek Park, Community Center, Playground & Tennis Courts, the Bell Shaped Parcel and Whitmore Recreation Area.

The charrette style workshops will be facilitated by Verde Design and occur on the following days and times:

Thursday, March 20: Community Priorities Charrette #1

The goal of this first workshop will be to gather community, Town staff and Recreation Commission input on the programing priorities for Town parks and recreation facilities.

Thursday, April 17: Community Design Review Charrette #2

The purpose of the second and final “PLAN Your PARKS” Workshop is to present conceptual design alternatives of the four park sites (Community Center Park, Mammoth Creek Park, Bell Shaped Parcel, Whitmore Park) to the public. Based on community input from the first workshop, and incorporating the Town Council adopted Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and Mammoth Lakes RecStrats II Implementation Plan, the Verde Design Team will present conceptual alternatives of the four park sites.

Both workshops will take place in the Community Center (Cnr. Forest Trail & Minaret Road) from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Parks and Recreation Facilities

Different public, quasi-public, and private parks, recreation facilities, and trails are available in the Town of Mammoth Lakes. These areas complement other open space areas in and around Town.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes owns and/or operates six public parks that contain recreation facilities for public use. Please review the Facilities Map for their location. Many of the facilities are available for reservation on a first come-first serve basis. It should be noted that any organized, structured athletic activity requires the completion, submittal and approval of a facility use application that includes approved liability insurance, and payment of all applicable fees.

Plan Your Park incorporates creating a specific master plan for the Whitmore Recreation Area, Mammoth Creek Park East and West, the Community Center, Park and Tennis Courts and the Bell Shaped Parcel.

Reference Documents

Parks and Recreation Facilities Map

2007 Town of Mammoth Lakes General Plan

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Draft 5-Yr. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

RecStrats II – Implementation Strategy

Destination Resort Community and Economic Development Strategy

South Gateway Partners Recreation Action Plan

Contact & Comments

Please contact Stuart Brown, Recreation Manager and Public Information Officer at (760) 934-8989 ext. 210 for additional information regarding this recreation planning process or to provide written comments.