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Posted on: February 24, 2017


With the recent record breaking snow we have experienced this winter thus far, some structures in town have experienced some degree of structural damage. Some damage has been minor, while other structures have experienced major structural damage.

Cracks in drywall and doors not closing fully are common symptoms of snow load induced stress on buildings. While this may at first may appear to be alarming, these signs are normal, even in average snow years, and your building is likely to be structurally sound. However, should you see broken or fractured structural members, such as roof rafters and beams, or deformed roof or wall surfaces, please report that damage right away to the Mammoth Lakes Building Division at (760) 937-5939 or (760) 965-3635. You may also contact the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District (MLFPD) at (760) 934-2300.

It is highly recommended that roofs have the snow cleared off of them in order to reduce the stress on the structure. Even if all of the snow and ice cannot be removed, removing at least the top half to two thirds of the roof snow pack is very beneficial. For condominiums and other structures that have property management, please contact the property management company immediately should there be any apparent structural issues, in addition to the Mammoth Lakes Building Division.

Please also be aware of shedding snow and ice at entries and exits. Very large ice dams will form over time, and they will end up breaking loose from the roof and fall. This is a serious life-safety hazard and should be watched at all times.

Individual propane tanks, along with the yard pipe assembly where the gas pipe enters a structure should also be cleared of all snow and ice. The gas pipe point of entry into a structure is usually where the meter and the second stage regulator are located (but not always). This location is usually marked with a 2” reflector above the assembly.

All emergency-escape rescue openings (windows and doors in rooms used for overnight sleeping purposes) must be maintained free of snow and ice.

A list of local resources has been provided below. They include contacts for local snow removal contractors as well as other general contractors, engineers, and building supply stores.

  • Rocky Jack’s Roofing Service: (760) 914-1139.
  • Mike Kenney Roofing, Inc. (760) 934-9268 or (760) 914-1141.
  • Bell Roofing: (760) 937-7590.
  • Grace Roofing: (760) 937-8224.
  • Sunny Skies Snow Removal: (760) 934-1075 or (760) 914-1571
  • Sno-Way Snow Removal: (760) 924-0940.
  • Superior Roofing: (760) 934-1401.
  • GC Forest Products: (760) 934-7392 or (760) 937-1137.
  • Tim Flynn Construction and Design: (760) 914-2045.
  • Freeman Roofing, Inc.: (760) 934-7857 or (760) 937-2815.
  • Patrick Painting One-A-Week: (760) 937-3440.
GENERAL CONTRACTORS (Please note: There are many general contractors in the area which would make listing all of them unpractical. For contact information for more general contractors, please consult the local phone book or conduct an on-line query):
  • John Neubauer: (760) 934-2511.
  • Greg Jennison: (760) 965-6716.
  • Dan Hennarty: (760) 920-0331.
  • Scott Busby: (760) 937-1869.
  • Boyd Shepler: (760) 965-9080.
  • Garren Philbrook: (760) 937-0199
  • Greg Enright: (760) 937-2287.
  • Dean Alexander: (760) 937-0456.
  • Bergdoll Construction: (760) 648-8586.
  • Lance Bauer: (760) 934-5210.
  • Dave Galbreath: (760) 934-3254.
  • Mike Hoover: (760) 937-7222.
  • Rob Preschutti (760) 914-2927.
  • Robbie Presson: (760) 937-1989.
  • Jerry Verdier: (760) 937-5810.
  • Dan Polis: (760) 937-5571.
  • Kathy Cage: (760) 920-4888 or (760) 934-8688.
  • Pat Clark: (775) 721-8632 or (760) 782-8886.
  • Rob Anderson: (775) 782-2322
  • Craig Tapley: (760) 934-4348.
  • Gary Davis: (530) 583-9222.
  • Elliot Brainard: (760) 934-9708.
  • Bruce Woodward: (760) 934-1860.
  • Robert Creasy: (760) 934-1888.
  • Lee McGimsey: (760) 937-4358 or (760) 934-4358.
  • High Country Lumber, Mammoth Lakes: (760) 924-8876.
    • Regular store hours are 7am to 5pm M-F; 8am to 1pm Sat.; closed Sun.
    • In the event of a structural emergency in which a temporary repair is needed, please contact TOML Building Official Tom Perry at (760) 937-5939.
  • High Country Lumber, Bishop: (760) 873-5874.
  • Home Lumber, Bishop: (760) 873-6379.
  • Do-It Center, Mammoth Lakes: (760) 924-7112.
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